Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA

This is our very first beer review. What you should expect that we have a very specific scientific formula and methods to review each beer. We take beer drinking seriously. If we feel the first beer did not truly capture it’s magnificence, then in the name of science, we shall have another!
We are reviewing the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company’s Ruthless Rye IPA. Below is what are impression is.

BREWED BY: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. (Chico, CA, USA)
STYLE: American Rye IPA
ABV (Alcohol by Volume): 6.60%
AVAILABILITY: Spring Seasonal. (Jan.-Apr.)

Copper colored and clear. White to cream colored head

Distinct rye and piney aroma. A touch of allspice scent that lingers

Strong and hoppy at first, at the front of the tongue. However, it quickly mellows out, lingering on the back of your tongue.

I’m not partial to IPA’s, but this beer truly impressed me. I could definitely enjoy a couple of these on a nice clear spring night.

Any spicy dishes will do! Black peppered porkloin to spicy chicken enchiladas.

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