The Perfect Margarita

Nothing is more wonderful than sitting by the pool and sipping on a delicious margarita!  Growing up in the southwest, we are pretty picky about our margaritas.  You can’t beat freshly squeezed lime juices to make the perfect margarita.

Not everyone has a juicer and/or the patience to freshly squeeze lemon, limes and oranges.  If you want an authentic margarita, fresh is the only way to go.  However, sometimes patience or time is not on our side, so I find the Simply© line of juices to be a great substitute. 

My bulk recipe will fit in a standard 2 quart pitcher without ice.

So cheers to a lovely afternoon!


Single Serving: Bulk (12-16 drinks):
1 ½ oz.  100% pure agave tequila 3 C  100% pure agave tequila
½ oz.  Cointreau or Grand Marnier (orange liquor) 1 C  Cointreau or Grand Marnier
1 oz. fresh lime juice 2 C  fresh lime juice or Simply Limeade©
Splash of orange juice ¼ C orange juice
Splash of lemon juice* ¼ C lemon juice*
Margarita or Kosher Salt Margarita or Kosher Salt

*The lemon juice is an option and is not considered to be a part of an authentic recipe but I find this to be my secret ingredient to give my margaritas a little extra yum!


Single Serving:

Build all ingredients in a tall highball glass, and then fill glass with ice.  Shake or stir whichever is your preference.  Pour into a salt rim glass if you prefer salt with your margarita!


In a salt rim or unsalted rim glass, fill with ice and pour margarita and enjoy!

Stay tune to later this summer, we’ll be posting about how to make the perfect frozen margarita and flavored margaritas!

We would love any feedback or comments below! 

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