Toyko Ice Tea

Photo Provided by The Serving Wench

I was having lunch one day with a friend at Bison Witches and couldn’t decide what I wanted to drink.  The lovely bartender recommended the Tokyo Ice Tea.  It sounded interesting, so I said, “Why not?”.  A few minutes later I was greeted with this vibrant green drink that would’ve made the Hulk jealous. 

It had a delightful, yet mellow flavor, however this drink can and will sneak up on you, like its cousin, the Long Island Ice Tea.

There are many variations to the recipe, but I believe this is as true to the original as I could possibly find.  Some recipes call for sweet and sour mix or lemonade, but I try to use fresh squeezed juices as much as possible to cut down my sugar intake.  Just like The Perfect Margarita recipe, freshly squeezed may not always be conducive, so I still definitely recommend the Simply line of juices. 

Single Serving: Bulk (16 drinks)
½ oz. vodka 1 C  vodka
½ oz gin 1 C  gin
½ oz tequila 1 C  tequila
½ oz rum 1 C  rum
½ oz Midori (or any Kiwi/Melon liquor) 1 C Midori or melon liquor
Splash of triple sec (orange liquor) ½ C  triple sec
1 oz.  fresh lemon juice 2 C  lemon juice (or lemonade)
Splash of 7-up 12 oz. 7-up

Single Serving:

In a tall highball glass, build all ingredients (except for the 7-up) and then fill will ice.  Give the glass a quick shake and top off with a splash of 7-up to fill the glass and garnish with a lime wedge if you wish too.  The drink should have a bright green color resembling a glass of iced green tea


Fill a glass with ice and add about 3-4 ounces and shake.  Add a splash of 7-up and enjoy!

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