San Tan Hefeweizen

San Tan HefeWeizen

For our second beer review, we’ve decided to highlight a local Arizona brewery who prides themselves in making craft beers, San Tan Brewing Company.  The fast growing popularity of San Tan is due to the company owner and Brewmaster, Anthony Canecchia.  I’m sorry to say, that so far the distribution has only spread to through out Arizona and not further.  So if you are travelling through Arizona this summer, I definitely recommend stopping by Chandler to their restaurant and check out their weekly cask beer specials or ask the watering hole you’ve stopped at if they have any San Tan available.

BREWED BY: San Tan Brewing Co. (Chandler, AZ, USA)
STYLE: Bavarian Wheat
ABV (Alcohol by Volume): 5.0%

Golden, nice head

Fruity with citrus notes.

Orange and lemon flavors are distinct.  Some clove and sweetness.

I’m pretty particular about my hefeweizens, however this one was refreshing and thoroughly pleasing.  3.7/5

According to the San Tan Brewing Co. website, this beer pairs well with curries and sweet dishes as well as fresh cheese such as Mozzarella and Chevre.  I suggest a nice fruit salad or cheesy appetizer with this beer for any summer party.

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