Orange Doodle Tart


Orange Doodle

Today’s recipe is an awesome…awesome blend of beautiful flavors. It is one of those recipes that make you look like a star at dinner parties but doesn’t demand too much work. Its a combination of flavors from snicker doodle & orange custard balanced with dark chocolate ganache. When you make a tart of any kind, usually the crust takes most of the time – you prepare the dough, you roll it out, you bake it for a good amount of time etc. In this tart recipe the crust is made of snicker doodle cookies which can be store bought – like mine.

There is only one place near Pondy where they sell snicker doodles and they make it GOOD! Its the regular sugar cookie coated in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar but it also has orange zest inside the cookie with was actually the inspiration behind this recipe. If your snicker doodles don’t have orange…

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