Grilled Oysters with Wasabi Mayo

This looks amazing! Check out this other food blog The Garum Factory. The photography and recipes are an inspiration.

The Garum Factory

One charmed fall weekend Jody and I were asked to judge the oyster shucking competition at the annual Wellfleet OysterFest.  A free weekend in Wellfleet.  Close proximity to more straight-from-the-ocean bivalves than I could ever reasonably consider eating.  Bring it on.  But watching pros shuck oysters was  a revelation, like sitting in the passenger seat of a professional race car while rocketing around a track at 185 mph.,  inspiring equal parts terror and admiration.  The goal was to shuck a couple dozen oysters as fast as possible.  Winning time was a bit under two minutes – that is, an oyster every five seconds.  Chipped shells, mangled oysters, debris and, oh yes, the occasional splash of blood, were all penalized.  Talking with some of the competitors afterward, I heard one story after another of inattentive shuckers putting the the blade of an oyster knife through a palm or the base of…

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Orange Doodle Tart


Orange Doodle

Today’s recipe is an awesome…awesome blend of beautiful flavors. It is one of those recipes that make you look like a star at dinner parties but doesn’t demand too much work. Its a combination of flavors from snicker doodle & orange custard balanced with dark chocolate ganache. When you make a tart of any kind, usually the crust takes most of the time – you prepare the dough, you roll it out, you bake it for a good amount of time etc. In this tart recipe the crust is made of snicker doodle cookies which can be store bought – like mine.

There is only one place near Pondy where they sell snicker doodles and they make it GOOD! Its the regular sugar cookie coated in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar but it also has orange zest inside the cookie with was actually the inspiration behind this recipe. If your snicker doodles don’t have orange…

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