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Cooking Classes are held family style.  Everyone will take a little part in the process of preparing the dishes.  Dishes vary by cuisine style and you’ll learn a little history of the dish.  Each class includes recipes, a full meal, a chance to win a free gift and meeting new people!  Spots are limited, so be sure to RSVP as soon as possible!  For more information or dates of future classes, please feel free to contact me below.

$20 per person


Can’t make one of my classes but would love to get together with friends?  Host your very own cooking class in your own home!  Choose from any of number of class curriculum from my list, or create your own theme and I’ll work with you.  There must be a minimum of five people in attendance for each class.  For more details or to schedule a hosting event please contact me below.

$150 and up


All cookie dough is handmade and preservative free.  Made with real butter to pure vanilla extract, these doughs will garner homemade cookies that are reminiscent of grandma’s.   Each jar contains 2 dozen (1 ½ in. cookies).   For an additional fee of $4, the cookie dough can be freshly baked.



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